Estimating Custom Software Development Projects

Estimating Software Development Projects

Cost estimation is a critical aspect of the planning process when embarking on a custom software development venture. However, due to the dynamic nature of custom software development, accurate estimation of the development efforts and costs can be a difficult process that can even compromise the project success.

Rethinking the Budget for Custom Software Development

Rethinking the budget

Some companies avoid custom software solutions because they think it will cost more than they can possibly afford while others feel custom created software is difficult to have designed and put into implementation. Buying a pre-packaged product may appear to be less expensive initially, but is it really less expensive over time? Let’s take a […]

10 Essentials For Successful Product Development

Essential product development

When it comes to product development, there is no recipe or framework to ensure success, as the qualifications for success will vary from project to project. Download this presentation to learn about the 10 essentials for successful product development.

Is Microsoft .NET Right For Your Business?

If you’re looking for a custom software solution that can effectively accomplish what your business needs it to, or solve issues your business is having, making a choice can be confusing. Is Microsoft .NET right for your business?