March 1, 2016

Data & Business Intelligence


Turning raw data from a disparate sources into relevant and usable business information by designing and developing database solutions to capture, cleanse, store, secure, query, analyze, share, report and visualize.

Database Design & Development

Providing solutions for data capture and storage by leveraging most enterprise relational databases (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle), In-Memory approaches, NoSQL solutions, and Big Data.

Data Cleansing & Integration

Turning data from a variety of both structured and unstructured sources into useful, quality information through the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process or leveraging emerging Data Visualization techniques for dealing with more real-time results.

Data Reporting & Dashboards

Producing meaningful, timely and convenient information to end users and decision makers leveraging a variety of 3rd party reporting / visualization / dashboard tools such as Microsoft’s Reporting Suite, Tableau, and QlikView / Qlik Sense.

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