March 1, 2016

Mobile Development

Providing enterprise grade solutions for a variety of devices, including smart phones and tablets, for connected and disconnected business users on the go. Our toolsets includes Android, iOS, HTML 5, JavaScript, JQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, PhoneGap, Xamarin, Motocol and a variety of emerging tools.

Native Applications

Developing enterprise grade business applications installed on mobile devices, leveraging device functionality in a connected / disconnected environment. These solutions are ideal for users who may be disconnected and performance and security is mandatory in all environments. These solutions are the most costly to develop and maintain as form factors and operating systems evolve frequently.

Hybrid Applications

Developing enterprise grade business applications leveraging both native mobile device functionality and web browser capabilities. These solutions deliver a great deal of functionality and value, yet are more time consuming and costly to develop and maintain.

Mobile Web

Building business applications leveraging responsive design techniques, HTML 5 and JavaScript, and mobile browsers on mobile devices where the end user will likely have an internet connection. Developing mobile web solutions is the most cost effective and maintainable approach for providing enterprise grade solutions to meet most business cases.

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