March 1, 2016

Portals and Websites

browserDesigning and developing custom portals and websites to streamline employee productivity, enable effective partnering, and attract and engage customers using common Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Drupal, and Microsoft’s SharePoint and SharePoint Online

Intranet Portals

Creating intuitive, branded and searchable intranet solutions for efficient content creation and document management, and for surfacing key information for all business units including HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Legal and Operations.

Secure Extranets

Developing private websites to securely share information and drive operations with suppliers, vendors, partners, and select customers.

Website Development

Designing and developing public facing websites to attract visitors with key content, blogs and search engine optimization (SEO), capture and analyze visitor information that contributes to lead generation and pipeline management, and engage customers with relevant information, social site integration, and full ecommerce solutions.

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