March 21, 2016

Employee Development

ideas-whiteboard-person-workingAt Brainspire we are able to consistently deploy high quality teams because the majority of our consultants are permanent, benefitted, salaried employees. We retain our talent, accumulated knowledge and lessons learned and do not leverage unknown contractors who disappear after the project is completed. Maintaining a beach of talent in between projects is the best way to ensure we are able to meet our client’s needs project after project. (We deliberately use the term “beach” because it’s a place to recharge, relax, learn a few new things, and get ready for the next challenge – as opposed to a “bench” which is for backups.)

Our continual professional growth and learning strategy is core to our success. While most every consulting firm claims to have superior talent, at Brainspire we start with smart technologists and invest in each consultant’s professional growth by conducting semiannual, self-reviews and critical assessments to evaluate and grow our skills and in four core areas:

Passion for Results

Setting high quality standards and goals; demonstrating the ambition, enthusiasm, confidence, and energy needed to complete tasks successfully through a proactive approach; and overcoming obstacles through research and adaptation


Uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles by serving our business and our clients with great character, accountability, honesty and good judgement to achieve the envisioned outcomes.


Demonstrating outstanding technical and functional knowledge and continually improving our skills in the areas of standards, best practices and frameworks, architecture, software development and data solutions, problem solving and critical thinking, written and verbal communication skills, project management methods, feedback loops and leadership.


Building mutually beneficial personal connections with others through networking, collaboration and teamwork, and an “others first” approach.