March 1, 2016

Our Team

DJ Wardynski, President and FounderDJ Wardynski, President and Founder

DJ launched Brainspire in 2013. For over 25 years DJ has built teams of expert software developers, helping the most dynamic Colorado companies achieve their goals. He is committed to the success of Brainspire’s employees, clients, and the overall Denver business/technology community by building enduring relationships and solving the complex software challenges all businesses face.


Vincent DiBiase, VP of Business Development and Marketing

Vincent is a client-focused business development and marketing executive with a proven, 25-year track record of driving revenue and profitable growth by listening to customer needs and delivering win-win solutions to clients.  He has worked in a number of different industries including telecommunications, software, broadband and education.


Chad Greer, Director of Software Delivery

As Brainspire’s Director of Software Delivery, Chad helps each client engagement where needed, ensuring that high quality architecture and code standards and client commitments are met.  Additionally, he provides mentoring, coach and support to each consultant as needed.  Chad’s focus lies in helping others find excellence. He leverages Lean-Agile principles and concepts to guide people and organizations to find better ways of executing, breaking the mold of traditional business processes. He has worked in many different industries including real estate, accounting, construction, local government and law enforcement, martial arts, music, health care, and several others.

Jared Steele, Principal Architect / Senior Full Stack DeveloperJared Steele, Brainspire Consultant

Jared is an application architect and senior software developer with 9 years of experience who received a BS of Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines. Jared has a variety of experience in designing and building Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Web Services. He enjoys getting to know the challenges that businesses face and helping them overcome them with innovative software solutions.


David McGhee, Brainspire Consultant

David McGhee, Principal Technical Scrum Master

David (B.S. C.I.S. Columbia College) is a skilled Scrum Master, .NET Architect, WCF and MVC Developer, and SQL designer with 15 years total experience. He possesses experience in TDD, DDD, Agile, Waterfall, and Behavioral Development methodologies. He is a quick learner and is able to produce quality results quickly with proven processes and new technologies.


Joey Filichia, BI / Data Architect

Joey is a 20-year seasoned database and software developer, focusing on delivering data science, big data, business intelligence and advanced analytic solutions from existing data. His mission statement about data is twofold: Software and tools come and go, but data will always need to be managed; always strive to turn data into information, then information into insights. In his spare time, Joey enjoys woodworking, reading and spending time with his family.

Amanda Hughes, Brainspire Consultant

Amanda Hughes, Senior BI Developer

Amanda has been a consultant for 9 years and specializes in business intelligence solutions – especially the Microsoft BI stack. Although she has the most experience in data and reporting, Amanda is also skilled in WordPress web design, C#, JavaScript, and SharePoint development. Amanda is a quick learner and always welcomes a challenge.


Jonah Walker, Brainspire Consultant

Jonah Walker, Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Jonah is a full stack software developer specializing in font-end web development. He has had experience with many languages throughout the course of his career and is always looking to build on those skills with new projects that push the limits of his knowledge. Jonah’s development style is focused on simplicity, modularity, and automation.


Nick Tarnowsky,  Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Nick is a software developer who has primarily built full stack solutions using .NET.  He graduated from Ferris State University with a B.S. in Applied Math and Computer Science. His primary goal is to help clients solve unique challenges they face.  He is a quick learner who enjoys figuring out new things and applying solutions to different domains.


Ryan Plush, Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Ryan has been developing software products for a variety of companies for more than 20 years.  He is proficient in C#, .NET, SQL, WinForms, desktop applications, Web and Windows Services, CRM’s and much more.  Designing, architecting and developing software that highly improves a company’s everyday processes is his passion.  He strives to stay atop of today’s technologies and aims to learn something new with every project.


James Pearce, Senior Full Stack Software Developer

James has been developing WPF and WinForms applications for a wide range of large companies. He is proficient in C#, .NET, SQL, Entity Framework, and much more. James also has a strong background in mathematics due to the many years he was a Weld Tool Design Engineer, in Detroit, before finding his passion in software development, which has been is sole focus for many years now. He treats every day as an opportunity to conquer challenges and to learn something new.

Ben Martin, Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Ben brings a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Dallas, and 7 years of experience in .NET development. He has a passion for designing systems that will provide smooth experiences – whether for a user clicking through a screen, or a developer consuming an API. Ben believes that problems are just opportunities in disguise.


Jesse Mueller, Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Jesse is a full stack developer who is focused on working with the newest front-end frameworks, including Angular. He graduated from Georgetown University with a Computer Science degree and has worked primarily in Java using various frameworks. He has experience working both in the private sector and the government space to provide quality software solutions.


Steven Stormo, Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Steven is a result oriented and innovative developer, known for his excellence in troubleshooting skills. He brings a broad and deep range of technical proficiencies, various languages, platforms and database management systems, developed and honed during his more than 15 years of experience in IT, most notably in the healthcare industry. 


Ryan Mauldin, Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Ryan is a senior software developer, who focuses on the Microsoft stack.  He relocated to Denver from Jacksonville, FL in the Summer of 2018.   He has expertise in creating and maintaining core websites, services and applications for clients. Ryan has over 12 years of professional experience since graduating from Lee University in 2004, and has been digging into websites and source code since the late 90s’ (over 20 years). Outside of being a loving father, his personal hobbies include video games and development and guitar.

Keith Ellington, Senior Full Stack Software Developer

Keith Ellington is a software developer specializing in .NET and C#.  He has seven years of experience in a range of industries including energy and gas, as well as loan processing.  His interests include creating software to aid in the automation of business functions.



Tammy Kelly, Senior Project Manager / Business Analyst

Tammy is an accomplished senior-level project management/business analyst professional with extensive experience providing the leadership and direction to drive the successful implementation of key organizational, technical and project-related goals and objectives. She is skilled at developing and implementing strategies based on program and project management best practices to ensure the delivery of project portfolio results, both on-time and within budget. Her proven strength in building strong, long-term relationships with project stakeholders and business partners is recognized in her ability to deliver impactful results while leading teams in fast-paced, dynamic business environments.

Andrei Bautin,  Full Stack Software Developer

Andrei is a software developer with experience in numerous technologies including Java, C++, React, SQL, and more.  He graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Applied Computing Technology.  Andrei is passionate about writing clean, effective code and working closely with businesses to help them achieve their goals through quality software.


David Danforth, Senior Full Stack Software Developer

David has been a .NET developer for over ten years, primarily creating web based applications. He enjoys the creative problem solving aspect of software development and likes to improve processes and increase team participation. David recently moved to Colorado from Charlotte and likes to be active with distance races, hiking and biking. 

Carlie Tronel, Senior Business Analyst

Carlie brings 10+ years of experience in complex, large scale, full life-cycle business analysis, requirement management, business process modeling, digital workflow transformation, solutions design, and product analysis.  She has expertise as a liaison between Business and IT, and helping organizations understand their “Big Picture”.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Master of Liberal Studies and her certificate of Global Business and Culture from the University of Denver.